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CIMC-3E is a self-contained, automatic, diesel engine powered generator set that supplies electrical power for container refrigeration systems, the unit is totally contained within a steel, chassis center-mount frame with quick disconnect clips for easy installation and removal. It is a completely welded steel structural assembly designed to withstand minimum 3 g’s acceleration forces in all directions.

Structural Frame

The inner surface of the fuel tank is chemically cleaned and passivated, while the frame and outer surface of the fuel tank are primer coated with an epoxy ester chrome-free paint immediately after shot-blasting, and then finish coated with a high solids polyester baked-on enamel paint

Panels and Doors

(Galvanized Steel Materials)

Metal-door, control box and receptacle box are chemically cleaned, passivated and chromate converted, prime coated with an epoxy-ester chrome-free paint, and finish coated with high polyester baked-on enamel paint


All hardware and hinges are stainless steel or electroless nickel plated for maximum protection from salt water corrosion.


Width: 1370mm              Height: 830mm     Depth: 1575mm

Net Weight

850 kg (oil and coolant are included)

Operation Temperature

-40 to +55℃(-40°F to +131°F

Alternator Rating

15kW, 460 V 60Hz



1) Maintenance free 12VDC

2) Cold Cranking Amps: 625Amps for 30 seconds at -18℃(0°F

Reserve capacity: 25Amps output for 160 min. at 27℃(80°F

3) Dimensions: 330 mm×173 mm×238 mm(13 in×6.8 in×9.8 in)

4) Terminal Posts: special threaded stainless steel studs 3/8-16

5) Battery charging current is supplied by a transformer and rectifier utilizing current from the AC generator. The battery charging circuit provides current with minimum of 12 amps

Electric Power Receptacle


Electric power receptacle shall be designed in accordance with the C.E.E. standards and I.E.C. recommended specifications, including I.S.O, and to operate when the nominal voltage measured among phases is as below:

1)       60Hz; 400V min., 600V max.

2)       32 Amperes, 3 wire-4 pole, C.E.E. Earth contact position -3h.

3)       Bayonet retaining ring type as per attachment A


Customer specified color

Customer specified number decals

230VAC or  460/230VAC dual output voltage




4TNE88-ECIMC (EPA type)


Vertical, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine

Number of Cylinders




Total Displacement


Continuous Output


Maximum Output

35 hp /1800rpm

Cooling System        

Force-feed circulation radiator type cooling system

Coolant Volume        

8.0L (including reserve tank)


Radiator is copper tubes with copper fins and dipped in corrosion resistant clear lacquer for protection from salt-water corrosion.

Cooling Fan

Fan material: nylon-plastics

Air flow rate: 52m3/min at 1800 r/min

Coolant Option

Engine cooling system topped with 55/45 mixture of antifreeze and water. Rating of -42°C

Lubricating System

Forced lubrication with trochoid pump, Oil flow rate: 10.6 L/min at 1800 r/min, 3kg/cm2

Oil tank Capacity        


Oil Type    

API classification CD or CF-4 grade 15w-40

Fuel Tank

Steel fuel tank is integrated in the frame which provides for easy installation and removal, supplied with a brass anti-theft type drain valve at the bottom of the tank for purging contaminants and anti-theft type fuel filler necks, with net capacity of 189liters (50gallons U.S). A filler neck is located on opposite side of the tank.

Automatic Air Bleed System

ON-OFF switch is in the ON position, the air bleed system works whether the generator set is operating or shutdown, and purges air from the injector pump and fuel supply lines.

In the case of long shutdown periods, the automatic air bleed system insures sufficient air free fuel available to the injectors to successfully start the engine without manually bleeding the lines and injector assembly.

Fuel Heater

Heat exchanger type utilizing engine coolant heat (option)

Fuel Filter

Primary filter with Water separator

Spin-on fuel filter, as secondary filter

Fuel Option

Use diesel fuel oil equivalent to or better than ISO 8217 DMA, BS 2869 Part 1 class A1 or Part 2 class A2 (Cetane Number: 45 min.)

Air Cleaner Type        

Heavy-duty oil bath filter air cleaner

Starting System        

Starting motor12VDC, 1.4kW

Starting Aid

Air heater 12VDC, 400W






1) RF-15-CIMC generator is manufactured in accordance with NEMA ODP type (IP22). It consists of main generator, AC brushless exciter, rotating diode, auxiliary winding, terminal box, etc.

2) Class H insulation per NEMA MG-1-1.65, maximum temp   rise:125.

3) The frame is made of steel plate. The design of stator lamination is unique. 10 lead wires is supplied.

4) Main rotor use the single piece 4-pole salient pole lamination, coupled with die cast or welding damping winding, field winding to form a unirotor construction, the field winding is layer wound with thermo setting epoxy for high mechanical and electrical integrity.

5) Drive disc radial fan cooling method.

6) Laminations and wiring are protected against salt water with epoxy primers, epoxy impregnation (three times) and epoxy coating.

7) Dust-proof bearing, sealed and lubricated with synthetic hydrocarbon

Generator Rating

15kw (18.75 kVA), 460 V, Phases: 3, 60 Hz

Control system


Protection Features

1)       Safety stop control for engine low oil pressure

2)       Safety stop control for engine high coolant temperature

3)       Safety stop control for engine low coolant level

4)       Safety stop control for generator low voltage

5)       Safety stop control for generator lost phase

6)       Safety stop control for generator short circuit or over load

7)       Safety stop control for engine over speed

Automatic Restart Features


The ERS1 model safety stop control unit features an automatic restarting capability that protects against so called “nuisance” shutdowns. If a generator set shutdown occurs, the ERS1 will initiate an automatic restart. If re-starting does not occur, the ERS1 will try again after a 10 minutes interval. A restart attempt will be initiated every 10 minutes until the generator set is successfully restarted or the battery charge is exhausted.


Engine hour meter, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, charging ammeter, fuel gauge

Unit Control

Preheat/start switch, on-off switch, Fault display unit




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